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For years, we have been providing high-quality asphalt paving services to our customers of Hollywood, California. We specialize in residential, commercial, and public projects and maintain the standard of the works. Regardless of your requirements, we use only high-quality raw materials and send our talented professionals to install the pavements following the industrial guidelines. All the contractors employed with us are insured and experienced, and thus you would not have to doubt the skills and credibility. If you are not sure enough to take the next step, consult us, and we will offer you a price estimate of your project for free.

What is asphalt paving?

Asphalt refers to a combination of stone, gravel, and sand bound together by mixing in asphalt cement. It is made and then heated in the HMA facilities and then supplied to the project site. The paving, which mostly uses asphalt as the primary material, is known as asphalt paving. Asphalt is installed while it is still hot to retain flexibility and viscosity. Nowadays, asphalt paving is applied across parking lots, streets, and even highways for flexibility, robustness, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetics. Asphalt paving is quite popular among households and business owners due to its longevity when appropriately maintained.

What is porous asphalt?

Porous asphalt pavements are used throughout the United States to control stormwater from penetrating the asphalt. It is a porous pavement designed to enable rainfall to flow through the pavement structure. Porous asphalt pavements have earned recognition from various regulatory bodies for their excellent stormwater management facilities. Besides this, porous asphalt paving also does an extraordinary job infiltrating the rainwater from the pollutants. The water flows through the pavement to land into the stone bed, where it is then filtered into the soil underneath it. When the rainwater hits the surface and then comes in contact with the impermeable porous asphalt layer, it is forced to drain along the sides. This, in turn, improves the quality of the water and prevents fatalities by enhancing the drivers’ visibility.

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What are the benefits of asphalt paving?

Now that you have acquired the basic idea about asphalt paving, let us check some of the benefits of this paving over pavements constructed with other materials:

● Improved safety

Asphalt paving offers high skid resistance, and thus it protects drivers even in harsh climatic conditions. Asphalt pavements can also be distinguished from road markers due to the high color contrast, allowing drivers to see even during extreme rainfall and fog. Also, the high-quality pavers we offer cannot be harmed by spraying snow melting chemicals on them. Besides this, it has been found that asphalt paver can accelerate the snow melting process. Nowadays, even a variant of asphalt paver known as open-grade asphalt is installed on highways to reduce splashes during storms to prevent accidents.

● Smoothness guaranteed

If you have observed and walked on other pavement, you might have felt how rough they are. The rougher the pavements are, the higher the chances of accidents occurring on the road. However, you would not have to worry about a thing if you install the asphalt paver because these pavements offer more control to the drivers and do not tire them out. If you drive on asphalt pavements, your vehicle tires will face reduced resistance, increasing your fuel economy and reducing the carbon footprint. Nonetheless, to say, your vehicle tires would also last longer because the friction will be reduced significantly.

● Budget-friendly pavers

Asphalt pavements do not only offer you smoothness and top-notch safety, but it also guarantees cost-effectiveness. If the roads are filled with bumps, your vehicle will go through wear and tear regularly, which will reduce your car’s life. However, you can save up your vehicle’s repair costs considerably just by installing an asphalt paver on your parking lot. When the roads are coated with asphalt paver, the longevity increases by a minimum of 20 %, which in the long run will save the money you pay as tax. Also, you would not need to invest heftily for building the asphalt pavements, and our experts will complete the project within the shortest possible time.

● Reduces noise

Residents dwelling near the highways and streets often complain about the noises emanating from the pavements during high traffic. However, asphalt paver can lower the roadway noise at your car and home significantly. You would not even have to spend on noise barriers anymore because these pavers will reduce the noise by 10 decibels or more.

● Superfast installation

When pavements made of other materials are installed on streets and parking spaces, traffic comes to a standstill as the process takes days to complete. However, asphalt pavements do not even require any site preparation, and the road becomes ready for traffic just after the paper is rolled. It increases convenience to residents and businesses by enabling them access to the roads within a few hours from its installation.

● Eco friendly

Asphalt is entirely recyclable, and thus you would not have to worry about leaving behind substantial carbon footprints if you use asphalt pavers. Manufacturers also save more energy while producing asphalt. The asphalt industry recycles all the asphalt waste emanating from tires and shingles and reuses them in producing new asphalt pavements.

● Durable

An asphalt paver is designed to last longer, thanks to the flexibility it owes to the users. So these pavers can withstand overloads without getting damaged. You would also need to spend little for these pavers’ occasional maintenance, and they will serve you for decades.

Besides this, asphalt paver will prove to be an aesthetic addition to your property. Since we use perpetual pavement designs to construct the asphalt pavers, it will attract your friends’ attention, and you would not need any expensive repairs at regular intervals. Apart from this, we are on the lookout for inventing more asphalt technologies that would help us preserve aging roads without requiring much spending. If you are not sure about the type of asphalt paver you need for your office or home, call us for a free consultation.

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